Privacy Policy

We at Protector IP take your privacy seriously. This privacy statement describes how we process personal information.

We must process personal information in order to perform the assignments we are handling for our clients.

The personal information we are processing is information received from the person or from the employer of the person in connection with an assignment. It is limited to the information we need to perform the assignment and to fulfil legal obligations.

The personal data handled by Protector are name, address, telephone number, email and affiliation to our customer. For inventors in patent applications, citizenship is also registered. In addition, we also process name and contact information of individuals that have explicitly expressed an interest in establishing a business relationship with us.

Applications for a position at Protector, either received in an employment process or as an open job application, are kept for a limited period and made available to a small group of people on a need to know basis. Personal information received from applicants that are not employed by us are, unless we receive consent from the applicant to keep the data for a limited period, deleted when the employment process is ended.

Personal data we process in relation to patent applications, such as name, address and, if necessary, citizenship, are forwarded to the patent and trademark authorities in the countries were protection is sought. This is necessary in order to fulfil the legal requirements in the countries in question. In countries where we need to use agents for filing and handling of applications, said information is sent to our agent who forwards the information to the local authorities. The required personal information is thereafter published together with the publication of the applications / granted rights and is as such made publicly available.

Personal data relating to clients, contact persons in a client firm, and inventors, are registered in our IP management system as long as the persons are connected to active assignments. The information is only accessible by authorized persons having access to the IP management system, and the information therein.

Customer contact information is kept in the accounting system for as long as the law requires and is thereafter deleted. If required due to non-payment, information can be forwarded to our debt collecting agency. Additionally, personal information may be delivered to the authorities if we receive an order to do so.

All handling of personal information, except the information forwarded to others as described above, is handled internally by Protector. We have put in place technical and organizational measures to safekeep the information processed by us. Changes in our name records are made based on information from the person in question or his/her employer.

Please contact us at if you would like to know more about how we handle personal information or if you would like to exercise your rights.