A trademark is a sign which identifies the products originating from a specific commercial origin.

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The exclusive right to a trademark is obtained either by way of trademark registration or by extensive use of the sign on the market. Trade mark registrations are obtained for specific products and may cover one or several countries.

Trademarks typically consist of words, combination of words, slogans, figurative elements, combination of words and figurative elements (logos) and three dimensional representations of the appearance of products. However, it is also possible to obtain trademark protection for sounds/jingles, figurative elements in motion (motion marks), holograms, colours, taste and smell.

The exclusive right provided by a trademark registration secures the latitude for a business, and also prevents the owner from encroaching the rights of third parties. A trademark registration provides the owner with proof of ownership and is of significant importance for the valuation of a business. Furthermore, a trademark registration will make it possible to identify and define the scope of the exclusive right in a license agreement or franchise. The registration of a trademark significantly simplifies the process of stopping counterfeits and preventing the use by competitors of similar trademarks.

What can Protector offer?

Managing extensive worldwide trademark portfolios is at the core of Protector’s trademark practice. Our lawyers are experts in Norwegian and European trademark law and practice, and also have extensive knowledge of trademark law and practice in the rest of the world.

We work closely with our clients in making holistic assessments as to which trademarks they need to protect, where and for which products.

Quite simply we assist our clients in preparing and filing trademark applications before all trademark authorities worldwide, we manage their established trademark registrations and portfolios and we assist them in enforcing their trademark rights.

In a trademark conflict we will always assess which courses of action are present and discuss with the client the best course of action.