IP management

IP portfolios must be managed actively to stay relevant and strategically important.

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Having a good overview of your IP rights is a prerequisite for managing your assets strategically and for maintaining good cost control.

IP management is also about having in place processes for decision-making that ensures that new ideas and intangible assets ​​that should be safeguarded are properly protected. IP management also encompasses what to do with an existing portfolio.

Which ideas should be patented, which existing cases should be continued, which ones should be kept and which ones should be abandoned due to lack of strategic value. These are examples of elements that are important in good IP management.

Protector has employees with extensive IP management experience. We have worked on managing both small and large portfolios - for both domestic and international companies. It gives us a unique competence when it comes to understanding our customers' challenges and how they can be addressed in a value-creating manner.