Domain names

A domain name is your address on the internet. The right to a domain name gives a right to this internet address.

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To be able to use a name as a domain name is an essential part of any commercial activity.

It is therefore important to secure a name as a domain name as early as possible, in particular to avoid that anyone else secures the rights to the domain name first.

It is important to be aware that a domain name does not in itself provide an exclusive right to the name contained in the domain name. A domain name registration can not be used to prevent anyone else from using the same name in their business. Exclusivity to the name in in the domain name may be obtained by protecting the name as a trade mark.

What can Protector offer?

We assist our clients in the purchase and sales of domain names, and in conflicts concerning domain names.

Furthermore, we advise our clients about domain names in connection with brand naming processes and we can also put you in touch with our trusted partners for registration and management of your domain names.