Design registration may provide you with the exclusive right to the appearance of a product.

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Products with a distinguishing appearance are often found to be attractive. Such products commonly become popular within the relevant customer circles, thus making it attractive for competitors to copy their appearance.

A design registration will provide your company with an exclusive and proprietary right to market and sell the relevant product. A registration certificate is a strong instrument in preventing both counterfeiters and any attempts made by competitors to copy the appearance of the product.

A design registration represents a measurable value for your company which may increase the value of your company.

The registration of the appearance of a product as a design may also provide you with new business opportunities, e.g. by means of licensing production or sale of the product to other operators.

Design protection can be obtained for the appearance of a product which has a different appearance compared to pre-existing products. Protection is obtained through application for registration in the relevant jurisdictions and can in most cases last as much as 25 years.

We have comprehensive experience in handling extensive and world-wide design portfolios. Our lawyers are experts within European design law and practice, and they also have good knowledge of design law and practice elsewhere in the world.

We offer an overall assessment as to whether your products can be protected through design registration. We will assist you in all the practical aspects in relation to the application procedure, and we will administer the rights for you when they have been registered.

Our lawyers can also assist you if you are in a conflict about the appearance of a product. They will always assess your options and discuss which of them is the best for you.