COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Protector remains in operation

  • Dato: 27.10.2020

Our employees work from home and the switchboard is closed, but we are still operational.

  • Dato: 27.10.2020

We remain operational

Even though we are now in the midst of a global crisis, it is a priority for us to continue offering our services.

In line with the recommendations from the Norwegian authorities, we have made it possible for our employees to work from home. All our employees have full access to all relevant systems from their home office. We remain accessible to customers and others via telephone and email. Meetings will be held virtually.

To minimize the risk of infection to our customers, colleagues and everyone else, we take all precautions necessary or recommended by Norwegian health authorities.

We at Protector hope that all our customers and friends are safe and that the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on life and business is as limited as possible.